Premium Resources on Open-Face Chinese Poker

Open-Face Chinese Poker looks set to become the next big thing, and if you’re reading this then you can probably say you were there during the beginning. The game is as new as they come, yet it is already being played at casinos up and down the country and as far afield as Russia, Scandinavia and Europe. We do our best to provide you with the latest information and news on the game, but for anything that we have missed, and to study everything in more detail (this is a very intricate game after all) then have a browse through these links:

TonyBet: This is currently one of the only online poker sites where you can play Open-Face Chinese Poker. The games are a little sparsely occupied, as you would expect, but that seems to be growing day by day as more people learn about the website and the game in general. There are deposit bonuses and other promotions to take advantage of, and the website also operates as a sports book and an online casino.

PokerNews: If you want to learn the basics of the game, complete with image and video tutorials to simplify the process, then check out this link. Open-Face Chinese Poker is a game that seems daunting at first as there is a lot of learn, but in truth it’s a very simple game and the difficulty comes from mastering the intricacies and not understanding the basics. If you have played poker before and you know the value of the hands then you can speed up the learning process. If you have played other Chinese Poker variants than it won’t take you very long at all.

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Premium Resources on Open-Face Chinese Poker

Apps: If you want to test your skills without risking any money, and have a tablet or a smartphone on hand, then there are a number of apps for both Android and Apple Operating Systems. One of the best is an app on the iTunes store that is developed by Advantapp and is listed under Open Face Chinese Poker. If you use Android devices, then an app of the same name by The Golden Club is well worth checking out. There are single-player games out there, games where you can play with your friends and games where you can play online, and these provide a casual introduction to the basics of OFC. 

Fantasy Land: One of the key aspects of OFC is Fantasy Land, which the player can “enter” if they achieve a certain hand configuration. If achieved, this can turn any game into the player’s favour and can give opponents a severe handicap for as long as the player remains in Fantasy Land. To learn all about this, along with the cards needed to achieve it, check out this link.

Pokerstars: At the time of writing, Pokerstars — which is the biggest online poker game — does not have any OFC games available but that could change because it certainly acknowledges how popular it is becoming. Many of the Pokerstars’ Pros have adopted the game and this article interviews some of them.