Terms and Conditions

For the purposes of this document, “you” and “your” refers to the user of the website, whilst “we” refers to the owners and “websites” refers to any web address relating to Real Money Poker on which this page is located.

Chinesepokerrealmoney.com, Realmoneypoker.org and all associated web addresses operate as affiliate websites only, and are therefore not associated with any particular gaming or gambling organization. We may be compensated from player referrals and activity, but we do not provide any actual gaming services on the website itself. These websites are intended to serve as an information portal, offering advice, tips, strategies, guides and news on the game of Open-Face Chinese Poker, and earning revenue from sending traffic to associated websites as opposed to any gaming services that make money directly from players.

Although we do our best to ensure that all of the information of these websites is accurate and as up to date as possible, we will not be held responsible (legally or otherwise) for any issues that may occur due to the use (incorrect or otherwise) of this information. We are also not responsible for any issues that the reader may face when using our services to choose a website, including any financial or security issues. We do our best to ensure that all of the information is safe, but should anything slip through the net then we can not, and will not, be held responsible for it.

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Terms and Conditions

The reader is advised to understand that although there is a degree of skill employed with all of the games on these websites, these are still “gambling” websites and there is still a risk involved with everything available here. Nothing is a certainty and players must understand that any money staked on the websites linked here may be lost.

General Terms and Conditions for Use of Service:

These terms may be used by the website in question and it is up to you as the reader to understand what they mean. By continuing to use this website, you are agreeing to all of the terms and conditions listed here.

Cost: We offer our services for free. The sites that we mention may require membership and they will also ask for fees in order to play their games and to gamble, but none of this money goes directly to us and we take revenue from the site and not from the user. At no point will users of our website be asked for any payment or be required to give us any financial information.

Privacy: We do our best to ensure that all of the sites that we list adhere to strict security standards which means that your personal and financial information is secure at all times. We have no need for your information and thus will not request it at any point in time.

Changes: Should our polices change at any point then we reserve the right to alter these terms and conditions, after which the new policies will take effect immediately. We will do our best to inform all of our members of this change and by continuing to use the website then you are agreeing to those changes.

Rights: The content contained within these websites was created by and for the owners of said websites. When other, “outside” material was used (such as links or images) then we will request rights to use that material from the owner. We expect the same courtesy to be given to us with anyone who intends to use our content. If you wish to use any of the material on this website then we would be happy to oblige providing that credit is given and that we are informed in advance, if the material is used without our permission then we will consider taking legal action. All users of this website are prohibited against the following actions:

(a) Exploiting, using or manipulating logos and trademarks without our consent.

(b) Altering, reprinting or republishing written content.

(c) Obscuring or removing the copyright notice on this website

(d) Offering material on this website for resale.

This concludes the basic terms and conditions. Our goal is to educate and inform about Open-Face Chinese Poker, with guides on the game and information on the best places to play it. The site is run by poker professionals and experienced gamblers — responsible adults who choose to gamble and choose to do so responsibly. We will not take responsibility for misuse of this information which leads to gambling addiction, severe financial lose or other outcomes resulting from irresponsible use.