Chinese Poker: A New Age in Poker

Open-Face Chinese Poker is taking the poker world by storm. This game is just a decade old and was only introduced to the US in 2012 — having made ground in Finland and then Russia — but already it is becoming popular with high-rollers and micro stakers the length and breadth of this country. OFC tournaments are now regularly scheduled at some of the biggest casinos in the States, and this game is the favourite of some of the biggest names in the industry, including poker superstar Daniel Negreanu, 2-time WSOP bracelet winner Jason Mercier and Hall of Famer Barry Goldstein.

It is a little different to the games that many people have embraced with open arms throughout the years, it requires more knowledge than Hold’em and more skill than Omaha, but Open-Face Chinese Poker is already becoming way more popular than any of the poker variants of its namesake. Few Hold’em or Omaha pros have ever taken to the standard forms of Chinese Poker, but they are welcoming Open-Face Chinese Poker into their lives and careers and, as a result, are seeking out more information, more tournaments and bigger communities that revolve around this great game.

The strangest thing is that not all poker players have heard about this game yet, but those who have heard about it are either eager to play and learn, or already know the rules and have already fallen in love with it. It is a fast-paced, high-stakes game where tactics and experience are valued over anything else; it’s not as all-or-nothing as No-limit Hold’em, but it has the strategy of 7-Card Stud, the excitement of Omaha and Draw and the flair of standard Chinese poker.

If you’re here then there’s a good chance that you’re eager to learn more about this great game, which is exactly why this site was set up. All of the games and websites recommended here are played personally by myself, a long-time poker professional. I am a relative newcomer to the OFC scene, having only been playing since 2013, but that’s more than most and I am confident that soon poker players everywhere will embrace this game and make it even more popular than Texas Hold’em. This is not a site that has been randomly stuffed with affiliate links and I am not a webmaster that knows little to nothing about the subject in question. This is not a money making scheme for me, this is a passion. I want to share this great game, and everything involved with it, to the world. I truly believe that OFC can become bigger than Omaha and Hold’em and I want to assist with that growth and to be there when this game enters onto the world’s stage.

So browse at your leisure, learn what you can about OFC — including its history and what attracts thousands of new players to it everyday — and become part of the fastest growing poker game of the millennia. Who knows, in a few months or years you could be sitting at a final table with the biggest names in the sport as you battle it in for a multimillion dollar OFC tournament at the World Series of Poker.