TonyBet were the first online bookies and poker room to bring Open-Face Chinese Poker to the world of real-money online gambling. They weren’t as popular as they should have been in the beginning, but as word spread and fans of OFC realised that this was the place to be, their numbers grew. After being in operation for a little while longer, TonyBet’s numbers have continued to grow and they have continued to focus on Open-Face Chinese Poker, and now they have welcomed a new game to their poker room.

Known as Open-Face Chinese Pineapple 2-7 Poker, this has a lot in common with standard OFC, and indeed with Pineapple OFC, which has become one of the most played poker variants in the last few months. If you know how to play Pineapple then you’ll know how to play this new game, and if you enjoy Pineapple then you will love this.

In this variant players use their middle hand in a Kansas City lowball style, which means they need to put the lowest possible hand in the middle. This is a slight change, but it mixes things up and makes the thought process of compiling your hand much harder, due to the fact that there are more cards in the middle and therefore more chances of making a big hand.

As with Open-Face Chinese Poker, the limits on this new variant start as little as a couple of cents a point, and they go all the way up to 25 Euros, or around $35 USD. This is another exciting step in the world of Open-Face Chinese Poker, and once again it is one that was ushered in by TonyBet.

The biggest tournament in the poker world, the World Series of Poker, has just announced its schedule for 2015. The tournament is held in Las Vegas and run by Caesars Entertainment, held at the Rio All-Suite Hotel and Casino. This is the competition that all players aspire to win, and the one that has forged some of the biggest names in the game, including Chris Moneymaker and Phil Helmuth.

The tournament will begin on May 27th and will play host to the best poker players in the world, with everyone from rich wannabes to hard-working amateurs getting involved, not to mention the huge number of professional players and celebrities that steal the limelight and the focus of the television cameras every year.

This is the 46th year for the World Series of Poker, and there are some new events on the schedule. There have also been some changes to the Main Event. It is still a No-limit Hold’em game like it has always been, and the cost to enter is still $10,000, but they have changed the number of players that will cashout, increasing the number to 1,000 of those that enter, providing over 5,000 players enter (last year there were 6,683). Although that would usually reduce the amount that the higher finishers get, the organizers have promised that those who make it to the final table will receive a prize of over $1 million. The Main Event kicks off on July 5th, a day after the Independence Day celebrations, and it will be shown on ESPN.

There are eleven new events in total, many of which are No-Limit Hold’em events. These include a $565 Colossus Event, which will be the fifth event on the schedule and will be followed by a Hyper No-Limit Hold’em Event, which is also new. Later in the schedule there is a new Extended Play Event, a $5,000 Turbo Event, a $25,000 High Roller Event, a $1,500 Bounty Event, a 50/50 Event and more. There is also a Super Seniors No-Limit Hold’em Event added, where those above a certain age can play over the course of two days beginning June 21st, and a Dealer’s Choice Event which costs $10,000 to enter.

One of the most interesting events is the 64th event, which will be the first event to be played entirely online at This will commence on July 2nd and will finish a day later at the casino.