TonyBet Poker Available in Denmark

A couple of days ago we received big news from TonyBet, who announced that their poker room — which is the only place to play Open-Face Chinese Poker — was now available in Denmark. Obviously, this doesn’t affect a lot of our readers and it might even sound like a pointless venture on their behalf, but gambling is huge across the whole of Scandinavia. Norway, for instance, is in the top ten biggest gambling countries in the world, and because offline gambling is restricted there, the vast majority of that gambling is done through online casinos and poker rooms. Also, the game of Open-Face Chinese Poker was invented not too far away from Denmark, in neighboring Finland, after which it spread and took the rest of the poker world by storm.

Historically, the Danish haven’t had it easy as far as online poker is concerned, but TonyBet is just another in a long line of sites that is now willing to embrace this peaceful, poker-loving nation. Just a couple of months ago, some of the biggest Hold’em poker sites also announced that they would be accepting Danish players, whilst 2015 also seems to be the year of the online casino in Denmark, with many of those becoming available as well.

For many years, there was only one gambling company in Denmark that was allowed official permission. Danske Spil is state-owned and until New Year’s Day in 2012, it remained the only gambling company in Denmark. Steadily, that began to change as Denmark adopted laws that more closely resembled those of its neighbor Finland, instead of its neighbor Norway. Since 2012, Ladbrokes, Bet365 and other big companies have also moved into Denmark and have since increased the competition by a hundred times or more. Imagine being obsessed with gambling in a country where your only choices are for state-owned sites that offer limited markets and poor software. This is exactly what it was like for the Danish, so you can imagine their joy in 2012 when this archaic law was overturned and the country was flooded with opportunity.

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TonyBet Poker Available in Denmark

TonyBet is one of the most exciting gambling destinations in the world right now, and its movement into the Danish market shows just how promising the gambling industry is becoming in Denmark. Not only does TonyBet offer extensive markets across European sports (as an official sponsor of the Lithuania basketball team, it is the best place to bet on basketball outside of the NBA) but it is the only site currently offering the game of Open-Face Chinese Poker through its poker software. We have suggested many times that this would change and that the bigger poker sites would take note of the popularity of this game and follow suit, but that has yet to happen. That is why TonyBet is one of the fastest growing gambling sites in the world right now.

So, if you’re in Denmark, with its clean streets, stunning architecture and bracing air, and you’re spoilt for choice with the sudden rush of gambling opportunities, you now have one of the best new companies to add to the mix.