Who is OFC Poker Superstar Shaun Deeb?

An an OFC Poker player you have undoubtedly heard of the poker professional Shaun Deeb. His name is synonymous with the game of OFC Poker as he was one of the first professional poker players to embrace it and he has done his best to promote it ever since. But just who is Shaun Deeb?

The Basics

Born in 1986 in Troy, New York, Shaun Deeb began playing poker when he was just 16. He hosted tournaments himself, charging a buy-in of $20 and allowing players to re-buy. There were around 30 players in these tournaments, which allowed Deeb to test his skills against sizable fields on a regular basis. He also won a hefty sum of cash.

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Who is OFC Poker Superstar Shaun Deeb?

When he finished high school he went to university, but he wasn’t there long before he gave it up for a career in poker, a game that had followed him to university and one that was clearly on his mind more than studying. By this time most of his play occurred online in multi-table tournaments. As is the case with many pros, he was playing as many as 20 tables at once, which allowed him to increase his variance and get a profitable return.

Live Poker

Deeb had never been to las Vegas until he went there to play poker in 2007. He tested his skills against the best professionals in the world and was able to pickup a World Seres of Poker bracelet, along with 3 final WSOP table finishes and 23 In The Money finishes. Deeb has also played a number of WSOP Main Events, but his highest finish to date was in 2012, when he finished In The Money down in 319th place.

Deeb also finished In The Money in three European Poker Tour events, although he has yet to win a title or even reach a final table, and he has the same record in the World Poker Tour. His biggest live poker cashes have come in the 2009 EPT NLHE High Roller event, which he won (although there were only three players) and the 2011 Pokerstars Caribbean Adventure, where he finished second in a Bounty Shootout event.


Deeb has actually retired from poker before, only to come back in 2010. At 24, it seemed like an odd decision to retire, but after playing since he was just 16, and after struggling to gain traction in the poker world, it is fair to assume that he had tired of the game and just needed a rest to focus on other things. As is usually the case, that rest only made him realize just him how much he missed the game, which was why he returned.

OFC Poker

Deeb has always maintained that he plays OFC Poker to improve his skills in Hold’em, believing that variety is key and that the more poker variants he plays, the more he will understand about the biggest game in poker. Like many OFC Poker fans, he also believes that this game has more potential than any other variant and that one day it may even replace Hold’em as poker’s biggest game.

Deeb has released videos and written articles about OFC Poker, and he also talks about the game on social media. If you want to learn more about OFC Poker, you should try and follow the advice of this top player.