Learn to Play Open-Face Chinese Poker from the Pros

The best way to learn a game is to listen to the experts, to learn how thy play it from them and to follow their lead. After all, the goal for any novice is to become as good as the professionals, to play the game with the same amount of ease and to win just as much money as they do.

Luckily, there are many pros playing the game of Open-Face Chinese Poker and many of them have created tutorials on how to play the game and on how to win at the game. In this article we’ll look at the best three of them.

Shaun Deeb and Barry Greenstein — Open-Face Chinese (OFC) Poker Lesson

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Learn to Play Open-Face Chinese Poker from the Pros


Shaun Deeb is one of the biggest Open-Face Chinese Poker proponents on the professional scene, and Barry Greenstein is also in love with the game these days. Both of these are very respected players and in this video they do a very good job of explaining the game. It can feel a little drawn-out at times, but only because Barry discusses his own introduction to the game, but this does go someway to helping new players to better understand OFC and to learn how to play it themselves, so every minute of this video is good.

Gus Hansen — How to Play Open-Face Chinese Poker


Sponsored by Full Tilt Poker, who are currently the second biggest poker site in the world behind PokerStars, Gus Hansen is renowned for his cash play and for being a grinder. He used to be a very common face on poker TV shows, but he hasn’t been involved with many of these lately. Judging by this video and by the enthusiasm that he shows for Open-Face Chinese Poker, maybe it’s because he has found a new love and no longer spends his time playing Hold’em?

At just over 22 minutes, this is a fairly short video, but it contains everything you need to know about the game.

Shaun Deeb — PCA 2013: Open-Face Chinese Poker Tutorial


We mentioned Deeb above, as he is one of the pros that has taken to this game the most. In the previously mentioned video a lot of the focus was on Barry Greenstein, as he and Deeb discussed the game for close to 30 minutes and helped new players to pick up the basics. This video is quicker and more to the point, and it involves only Shaun Deeb, who is assisted by a presenter. This video runs for less than 8 minutes, and if you’re looking for a simple introduction to the game of Open-Face Chinese Poker, then this could be just what you need. You could even watch this video first and then check-out the others to get a better understanding, but they will work in any order.