The Pros and Cons of TonyBet: The Home of OFC Poker

We have expressed our adoration of TonyBet many times on this site. In fact, as a site devoted to Open-Face Chinese Poker, TonyBet, which is currently the only place to play this game, has received more attention than any other site, game, app or player. It’s both a choice and a necessity for us, and as avid players, when we recommend this site it is not done blindly. We have played here extensively, we grew as players here and we hope to still be a part of TonyBet when it grows into the site we know it can be.

No site is perfect though, everything has its flaws. With that in mind, just what are the good points and the bad regarding TonyBet?

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The Pros and Cons of TonyBet: The Home of OFC Poker


Unique: We’ve mentioned it before, but it’s worth mentioning again as we can not stress it enough: TonyBet is the only online poker room for Open-Face Chinese Poker. There are apps, but not trustworthy or regulated ones, and as far as an official poker software goes, TonyBet is it.

Speed: The software itself is very smooth and faultless. In fact, many players have expressed their desire to see other poker variants on the TonyBet software, as it runs and looks so much better than many of the online poker rooms out there.

Guaranteed Tournaments: Whilst TonyBet is far from jam-packed with eager players, the big tournaments still attract large numbers. These also have big pots, as TonyBet fill them with cash from their own kitty. These tournaments run every day and there are special ones run on a weekly and monthly basis as well.

Prizes: As well as bundles of cash, mentioned above, TonyBet also offers an abundance of prizes, from tickets to big live tournaments, to luxury goods and more.


Signup: The one thing that frustrates many new players, and something that also annoyed us a little, is the signup process. TonyBet is based in Lithuania, where it is also regulated. The gaming laws are a little different in that country and they are also very strict. To signup to any gambling site you need to prove your identity by way of photocopied (or emailed) photo ID, as well as a copy of a utility bill for proof of address. This is frustrating work, but when you consider the end goal, it is worth it. As TonyBet realize this is the reason many players are turning their backs on the site during signup, they may also do their upmost to change it.

Size: Open-Face Chinese Poker is still growing. This game is in its infancy, having been introduced to the US in 2012, and as far as the online variant goes, it’s barely out of the womb. This, combined with the signup issues mentioned above, means that even during peak hours, there are not huge numbers of players on the TonyBet site. We don’t mind, as the big tournaments still attract decent numbers, but it might cause issues for grinders who want to play from morning to night, as they will struggle to find quick games at all hours.