The World Series of Poker Tour 2014/2015

We have already looked ahead to the World Series of Poker, announcing the schedule for those few weeks when all eyes in the poker world are turned towards the glittering lights of the City of Sin. But there is more to the build-up — all big events require long and tortuous roads to get there, and the WSOP is no different.

The Road to the WSOP National Championships is an extensive one that began at the end of a July 2014 and is played through to May 2015, with 21 circuit stops in total, giving players all around the country a chance to get in on the action.

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The World Series of Poker Tour 2014/2015

The first stop was in Florida on the 30th of July 2014, at the famous Palm Beach Kennel Club. The play then moved to the huge Foxwoods Resort in Connecticut. In fact, although that event is well behind us now, the Foxwoods Resort will also play host to the final stop in May 2015, before the actual World Series kicks off.

There are plenty of stops between now and then though. At the time of writing, the tour is currently in Maryland, in the Horseshoe Baltimore. Although not particularly known for its high stakes poker action, the tour is due to move to Los Angeles very soon, where the Bicycle Casino should attract some more of the country’s best players.

The Horseshoe takes over again after that, this time at the Council Bluffs in Omaha/Iowa, before the tour moves to two Harrah’s casinos in North Carolina and then Louisiana. With Foxwoods after that, the tour is due to finish on May 24th, after which players only need to wait for 3 days before the World Series of Poker actually begins.

The WSOP may seem like a long way away now, but the excitement of the tour is sure to keep your appetite sated for the time being. Just remember, the tour, as with the World Series itself, is not for amateurs and there are plenty of professional players who follow it through every stop that it makes.