A Review of TonyBet: OFC Poker and Much More

TonyBet has fairly unique origins and a backstory that you don’t often get with other sports books and online casinos. The website was started by loud mouth and poker professional Tony G, but we’re not talking about something he just put his name and his likeness to, he actually started the site himself. Tony G began his career as a shrewd businessman and then moved into poker, and when his love of gambling began to take hold, and to boost his already weighty bank balance, he invested in sports and gambling.

Whereas many online poker sites are typically started in Caribbean islands, avoiding tax laws and sometimes even gambling laws, TonyBet began life in Lithuania, which is where Tony G was born. This, coupled with his aforementioned love of sports, is the reason that TonyBet sponsors the Lithuanian basketball team.

TonyBet is a solid site that uses top-of-the-range poker and gaming software and has been going steady since 2009, establishing itself as one of the biggest and best emerging sports books, casinos and poker rooms around. In fact, TonyBet has technically been around longer than that as it was initially known as OmniBet, which Tony G bought and rebranded.

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A Review of TonyBet: OFC Poker and Much More

TonyBet is licensed by the Estonian gaming authorities and the website is as secure as you can get. They take deposits through a range of methods, including credit and debit cards, and they have regular promotions and bonuses that new players and existing players can take advantage of.

Sports Book and Casino

One of the main advantages of TonyBet is that it’s more than just a poker room or a casino and also has an extensive sports betting feature that allows you to bet on everything from American Football to European Basketball. Players are given a deposit bonus to help them on their way and they can use any winnings to fund their poker or casino accounts.

The software for the sports book itself is very slick and easy to navigate, much like the popular SkyBet website and leagues above slow and tedious sites such as Ladbrokes and Betway. There is also a live betting feature, where players can bet on the games as they play out, gambling on next scores, total points and much more.

If you want something a little different, then there is a fun little game called Bet on Poker. This is not quite as good as the real thing, but it is certainly interesting. Here players are faced with a live dealer who deals cards into several spaces on the table in front of her, creating “hands” that the players can then gamble on. They can bet before and during the hands and the bets revolve around the quality of the hands, so for short odds they can bet that a pair or two pairs will be shown, whilst for bigger odds they can take a punt that a flush, straight or full house will be shown. The dealers tend to be young and very attractive women, and there is also a screen behind them showing the latest live sporting fixtures. There are also similar live versions of lottery and dice games available on the site, complete with more eye candy.

The casino itself has a number of classic table games available, and there are also a great number of slot machines, from standard slots to bonus slots, video poker and more. There is even a section devoted to virtual scratch cards, where players can simulate the joy of scratching a card to reveal a huge jackpot.

The Piece De Resistance

Although it pretty much ticks all of the boxes, the main selling point of TonyBet, and the one thing that sets it apart from every other website of its type, is the fact that you can play OFC Poker. In fact, this is currently the biggest gambling website that facilitates the game of OFC Poker, and has done a great job of paving the way for many others to follow.

The tournaments are not always full, but there are smaller cash games that usually are and there are also big guaranteed tournaments that are advertised well in advance and tend to draw a considerable crowd. The software itself is even better than many of the OFC Poker apps out there, and the fact that you can play for real money completely blows them out of the water.


There is very little wrong with TonyBet. We’re a little biased because as much as we love OFC Poker, the idea of playing it when there is no money involved is a title tedious, so TonyBet came to our aid there. This is the biggest and best source of real money Open-Face Chinese Poker anywhere on the internet, and it does not disappoint. The sports book and the casino is also great, and there are some unique and exclusive live games that add something a little different and a little extra to your gambling experience.

TonyBet is a gambling experience, with everything you could need under one roof, and although we do admit to being biased due to them catering for our adoration of OFC Poker, we are not lying when we say that this is also one of the best sports books and casinos that we have played in.