New Poker Service Launched by The Grinder Mizrachi

Michael Mizrachi is a poker professional known for his ability to cash consistently in major poker tournaments. The Florida resident has won three bracelets at the World Series of Poker and once finished 5th in the WSOP Main Event. He also has two World Poker Titles and one European Poker Title to his name, and his record in cash play is astonishing, which is what saw him gifted a sport at the televised High Stakes Poker event.

These days, however, Michael has turned his sights to a new venture, and one that promises to bring the greater poker community together. Known as Blast Longer, this is an app and a community that allows poker players to place last-longer bets against each other. It’s all about the side bets, which are one of the most popular ways for many gamblers to bet, and the goal for Blast Longer is to extend those side bets for as long as possible.

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New Poker Service Launched by The Grinder Mizrachi

“Players at live events really enjoy last-longer side bets,” Mizrachi, known as The Grinder throughout the poker community, began, talking to Pokernews. “We realized that if we could bring it to online players, they might like it just as much.”

The process is pretty simple, players just need to download the Blast Longer app and join the community. It’s free and there is no commitment to pay at any point, unless you lose the bets of course. Once there they can challenge other players to last-longer bets for all of the major online and offline poker tournaments.

Known as “Blasts” these last-longer side bets can also be placed with friends through the Blast Longer community, but the aim is to create a trusted gambling community, which means that you don’t have to already know and trust the person in order to place a bet with them. There is a pot and all players contribute to it, before the player who lasts the longest in any given tournament is then given the pot.

This is an innovative platform that has received a lot of thought and development, there are even separate pots for different levels, and as well as live tournaments (due to be available later this year) it also works for online ones. To date, Blast Longer is compatible with all of the major tournaments from all of the major networks, including PokerStars, Full Tilt, iPoker, PartyPoker and WinaMax.

Blast bets give players like Michael, those who run deep in many tournaments but don’t have the luck to win them all, the chance to cash in. It means that even if they don’t make it to the final table, they will still stand a chance of bettering their opponents, winning the side bet and making the tournament a profitable one.

At the time of publication, Blast Longer is still in a beta stage, but it is a public beta which means it is open for new members to join. Simply head over to and sign up.